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We like to support our customer’s projects like if it were ours.


We are particularly dedicated to full-fill the following expectations:


Valuour_visione for money

Our flight simulators correspond to different needs and market but they share one common characteristic: they have a good quality-price ratio.

So whether you are an entertainment company looking for a nice customer experience or a flying school looking for an accurate multicrew jet-transition device, we will deliver the best price for it and its associate services.


On time delivery

We have been looking for flight simulators ourselves and we know how important delays are. You need reduced delivery time and above all on-time delivery. We will make sure this happens. 2017 guaranteed on time delivery will be 2 months.


Proper support

When you operate an immersive flight simulator, any technical problem can have a huge impact and needs to be solved quickly. Entertainment and entry level flight training simulators do not require a local technical permanence like the airline full flight simulators centres do. But they definitely need a good & rapid support.


We provide one year free support to our customers then we continue through a subscription. Hardware problems (rare) can usually be detected well in advance but Software problems are often not predictable. Software also need to be updated regularly. Our developer will assist you with all that and help you as soon as possible remotely in case of problem. He will do that on the spot if available (including during week-ends) and always within 48 hours.


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Email: contact[at]bluecockpit.com