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Our A320 type flight simulator is a fixed-base, realistic and ready to fly, immersive flight cockpit.


All parts are designed and build in a dedicated manufacture. They are particularly accurate replica of the real aircraft. They have been designed and tested for their compatibility and reliability so the simulator can cope with a professional intensive use.


Key Features:

  • Fixed-base flight simulator (motion on request)
  • All Electronic modules based on the A320 glass cockpit twin jet engine airliner
  • Realistic immersive full size cockpit (Resin + glass fiber shell replica)
  • Two realistic pilot seats with 3 axis electric motion and 5 points harness (real pilot seat on request)
  • Flight Management System (FMS) fully functional
  • Autopilot and flight director systems fully functional
  • Air Data Inertial Reference Unit (ADIRU) fully functional
  • 2 realistic Sidestick with control Force and priority button
  • Adjustable dual Rudder pedals (fore and aft) with Interlinked self-centering mechanism and toe brakes (dynamic Control Loading on request)
  • Steering tiller(s)
  • Throttle quadrant with pull to switch engine starter knobs, TOGA switches, Thrust Reverser, Motorized trim wheels, FIRE/FAULT indicators and appropriate course gates
  • Most pushbuttons have double micro switches, 17 are guarded like the real aircraft
  • External View visualisation system over 180° (220° in option)
  • Double curved outside view screen with 4 meters’ diameter
  • Global scenery and navigation database
  • Instructors Station with IOS Tablet
  • Dome lighting independent from computer system
  • Audio Control Panel (ACP) including intercom system
  • Separate sound systems for the outside environment and for avionic sounds

More specifications:


Electronic modules and inside Cockpit structures

Glareshield, Overhead Panel (OVH), Pedestal, Sidesticks and steering tillers

Display Units: Capt. & F/O Primary Flight display (PFD), Navigation Display (ND), Engine Warning Display (E/WD), System Display (SD)


External View visualisation system

3 HD Beamers 1920×1080 wide view

180 degrees Field of View (FOV), screen resolution 5760×1080. 4 meters


Rudder Pedals

Plug & play. Very rigid and durable. Includes rudder control & Brakes.

Adjustable pedals position.


Cockpit Shell + 2 pilot seats

Full cockpit shell with all inside consoles and Aft Overhead Panel (AFT OVH)

A3X style pilot seats with 5 points harness

Electric adjustment for height and seat position and manually adjusted armrest


Flight Simulator computers Server + 2 Client PC + IOS Tablet

Server PC: CPU Intel i7, 16GB RAM DDR3, SDD 250 GB & SSD 256 GB

HDD 1 TB, nVidia GTX 980Ti, Win 7 64 bit

Client PC: CPU i5, 8GB RAM, 2x nVidia GTX 750 Video card, 128GB SSD



Flight sim: Prepare3D (version 3.x) + REX & FTX add-ons + 5 sceneries add-on

Systems: JeeHell FMGS or Prosim (fully compatible)



  • 220° Visual (instead of 180°)
  • Professional sidestick mechanism (price for both sides)
  • Instructor seat & 3 retired airline seats for observers
  • In Flight Vidéo/audio recording system
  • (4 cameras & recording device. Additional audio observer & instructor)
  • Optional Cockpit room (length 2,5m):
  • pare3D (1 version 3.x) + REX & FTX add-ons + 5 sceneries add-on


For more information, do not hesitate to contact us


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Tel: +32 (0)2 318 00 47
Tel: +33 (01) 85 08 60 66
Email: contact[at]bluecockpit.com